University of Florida Social Work Policy and Program Discussion


You are a MSW program manager for a community social service
agency. The agency has 4 programs (1 school mental health middle and high
school, community mental health for adults in residential living, outpatient
substance abuse day program for 18-50 years of age, and community Medicaid
funded program for adolescents with mental health ages 12-21 in foster
care). Your agency is under COA accreditation and funding comes from
three different service streams (state foster care, Medicaid/school Medicaid,
and grants). Covid hits your state March 2021. The CARES Act is
signed and has authorized payment for individuals who cannot work because of
safety, income decreased due Covid, while approving unemployment benefits
for contracted workers. Funding is available for Payroll Protection
Services for small businesses. Medicaid has authorized Telehaealth
services, however your agency never had a Telehealth policy. At the
current time of Covid impacting your state, services are required from all
funding sources. You are required to maintain compliance with the CARES
Act, State Unemployment guidelines with the Secretary of State, COA
accreditation, funding services and clients clients are continuing to
call for services.

What are you going to do? How has this situation impact how
you advocate for your clients?
Discuss your
actions to maintain integrity and ethics, include your staff, and how to
advocate for clients.

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