Capella University Ethical Principles Executive Report Paper

Write a 4-6 page executive report that analyzes ethical dilemmas presented in a case study, identifies the ethical principles that guide decision making and describes the external and internal factors that must be considered in ethical dilemmas. Explain evidence-based strategies to resolve ethical dilemmas and how personal moral integrity influences decision-making.


The health care system in the United States is in the process of being transformed from a patriarchal health care system to the currently emerging patient-centered care model. The patient cultural revolution, boosted by technological advances and increased access to health-related information, presents tremendous change and managerial challenges throughout the entire health care system. These changes affect direct patient care facilities as well as the organizations and administrative departments related to, and supporting, their efforts. The patient-centered care model has increased the need for a solid leadership understanding of the patient experience and an enhanced ability to measure, interpret, and report it accurately. Ethical challenges related to patient-centered care present additional considerations to the existing managerial task of balancing quality care and fiscal responsibility.


Suppose you are the new health care administrator at Brookside Hospital. Brookside Hospital is in the process of strategically aligning with patient-centered care principles, which are founded on ethics and represent a major transformation away from the patriarchal health care system of the past. End-of-life care and death with dignity are two important aspects of patient-centered care.

Read the patient-centered care Case Study Scenario [PDF]

. Within the case study provided are three distinct ethical dilemmas:
  • An internal or organizational dilemma.
  • A formal process dilemma.
  • A discharge and end-of-life planning dilemma.

You must now prepare an executive report for the hospital’s board of directors to explain the situation and how you handled it. 


In your executive report and for each of the ethical dilemmas, be sure you include the following:

  • Analyze the ethical dilemmas presented in the case study.
    • Describe each of the ethical dilemmas.
    • Explain the factors that contributed to each dilemma.
  • Identify the ethical principle that you used for each ethical dilemma to help guide your decision making.
  • Describe the external forces and internal organizational factors you considered for each dilemma.
    • Describe any legal or regulatory forces.
    • Describe any organizational policies and/or processes.
  • Explain the evidence-based strategy you used to resolve each ethical dilemma. (Hint: another way to think of this is to imagine that you did take action on each of the dilemmas. With that in mind, what strategy would you use and what supporting evidence do you have that the strategy is sound and effective?)
  • Explain how an awareness of your own personal integrity helped you decide on a strategy. 

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