Nightingale Olfactory Cranial Nerve and Role of Occupational Therapy Anosmia Discussion

Olfactory cranial nerve :

*- Assignment about olfactory cranial nerve and role of occupational therapy. *

Affected life issues for someone with anosmia. Include the following :

a. Sensory loss

b. Coordination problems

c. Diminished self-care skills[in depth]

d. Diminished leisure activities [in depth]

– discuss our role as an occupational therapists when working with an individual with Anosmia and connect it to the olfactory cranial nerve:

1- Mention and describe a type of disorder/disease or condition(Anosmia)?

2-Role of occupational therapist within various treatment settings of hospital, community, and home with someone who have Anosmia and the olfactory nerve is affected.

Including: evaluation, assessment, specific intervention/ treatment techniques. 

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