Please read the following and answer

Reflection Question 1 – Information Literacy Mini-Essay (5-8 sentences)

Information literacy is a set of abilities allowing individuals to “recognize when information is needed and how to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information.” (American Library Association, 1989). “Information literacy content focuses on the process of finding, analyzing and making decisions based on this information that is the foundation for evidence-based practice”. (National League for Nursing, 2018). Information literacy development is an ongoing process. 

What are your information literacy strengths? What are your information literacy areas for further development? Consider your ability to recognize when evidence-based information is needed and how to locate, analyze, evaluate, and effectively use the needed information to make evidence-based decisions aligned with your current nursing role and your future APRN role? (Be sure to identify your current and anticipated role and setting). Discuss in 5 to 8 sentences. 

Reflection Question 2 – Patient Care Technology Mini-Essay (5-8 sentences)

Health care providers are expected to integrate diverse technologies in personalized health care using a culturally competent approach. Patient care technologies cover a wide range, such as stethoscopes, glucometers, ventilators, fall alarms, nebulizers, telemetry, telehealth, homecare robots, electronic ordering systems, cell phones, electronic health record, etc. 

Discuss ONE of the following below (a, b, c, d, or e). Provide examples to substantiate your statement. 

(Your discussion and examples should be different from what you provide in Reflection Question 1). 

a) How technology can be used to eliminate health disparities

b) How technology can be used to provide culturally congruent personalized care

c) How cultural factors may influence the use or non-use of technology by a patient

d) How social determinants may influence the use of technology 

e) How a particular course topic, theory, chapter, website, article, podcast, video, or activity stimulated your thinking about the use (or non-use) of different technologies for the provision of culturally congruent personalized health care in your future APRN role (or another professional practice role if you are not preparing for an APRN role). (Be sure to identify your role and setting). 

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