BC Assuring the Quality of Care Discussion

Select one of the ethical issues listed below. Assume the ethical issue that you select has been brought to your attention as the chief operating officer of a hospital (e.g., breach of patient confidentiality, lack of choices presented to a patient for treatment options, intentional rationing of services to save money, etc.). Then, briefly describe the hypothetical situation and at least one mechanism (remedy) for resolving a breach of the identified ethical issue from a healthcare administrator’s perspective.

Ethical issues (Select One)

Rationing      of health services.

Patient      privacy and confidentiality.

Patient      choice of provider and facilities.

Legal      rights of an individual vs. public health perspective to protect society.

Reminder for requirements: a minimum of 250 words (main post) and three scholarly sources.

1,500 word count and there is a total of 6 questions each (not including in-text citation and references as the word count), a minimum of 4 scholarly sources are required in APA format. For the 4 scholarly sources, one from the textbook that’s posted below and the other two from an outside source . Let’s be sure to write it in own work 100% and give appropriately when using someone’s else work. Under no circumstances use any direct quotes. Any directly quoted or copied material will result in a zero for the assignment.

  • Reference for textbook attached:

Williams, S. J., & Torrens, P. R. (2008). Introduction to health services (7th ed.). Clifton Park, NY: Thomson Delmar Learning.

  • Knowledge: What are the two key differences between medical / personal ethics and public health ethics?

Comprehension: What do you understand about the conflicting interests (not conflict of interest) between what is good for the greater whole as compared to the good of an individual?

  • Application: Give an example of a competing priority when the good of society is favored over the good of an individual. Is there a case / example of an instance when the good of the individual is more important than the good of the public? Be specific.

Analysis: What are the root causes of the conflict that can occur between medical / individual ethics and public health ethical standards? Do a comparative analysis on the ethics of privacy between public health ethics and medical ethics

  • Evaluation: What are the pros and cons of your new idea? How would you convince others that your idea offers a better solution? What are the unintended consequences of your idea?

Synthesis: Offer a new and unique solution that might mitigate the conflicts of interest. Why is your idea new? What are the implications for the benefits of conflict?

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