CSI Culturally Congruent Care Multiple Heritage Individuals Questions

Question 1

1) Complete the following writing prompts concerning readings on multiple heritage individuals:

(Check readings listed under course schedule heading for multiple heritage individuals).

b) The most important learning from the 2 articles by Jeffreys and Zoucha was……………………because……………….. Prompted by this article, one action I can take to make a positive change in nursing and the workplace is…………………………

c) The sentence that most captured my attention in Root’s Bill of Rights for People of Mixed Heritage was……………………because……………………. 

d) People of mixed heritage ……………………………….

e) The assigned reading that surprised me the most was…………………………….because……………..

f-1) New knowledge and insight from the assigned readings on multiple heritage individuals helped me to develop the following CNS or NP competencies (list up to 5). (Students enrolled in the CSI CNS or NP programs must select competencies for their intended role). 


CNS or NP competencies

(List number, letter, name/area)



f-2) New knowledge and insight from the assigned readings on multiple heritage individuals helped me to develop the following cultural competence guidelines (list up to 5). 

Cultural Competence Guidelines

(List number and name)

Question 2: Write a brief 1-2 paragraph e-mail (5-7 sentences) to the author (Burton, et al, 2020 or Vorobyova, et al, 2022) concerning their article and its

a) timeliness to contemporary health care issues 

b) contributions to your professional development

c) adaptability and/or direct application to your future APRN role or other professional practice role. 

(Be sure to address the authors according to their credentials and/or titles as listed in their article. Be sure to identify your future practice role and specialty, write in a professional e-mail format, and provide your full name and credentials). 

Question 3: Spend 5 minutes uninterrupted time to explore the list of HP2030 category headings. Then select 1 category (Health Conditions, Health Behaviors, Populations, Settings and Systems, and Social Determinants of Health most relevant to this week’s readings (and that you did not previously explore for this class). Spend 10 minutes uninterrupted time to explore the most relevant topic and objective (goal) from within your selected category. (Do not use a phone or other small screen device). Complete the following sentences:

A) I explored HP 2030 category heading ___________________ because _________________.

B) Within my selected HP2030 category, I then explored the __________topic and ____________ goal because___________________________________.

B) The most interesting discovery on HP 2030 relevant to this week’s readings was_____________________ Elaborate and explain what and why in 3-8 sentences. 

Certification Exam Prep – (Synthesized Learning Application)

After completing all of this week’s assigned reading and website explorations, follow the recommended steps for answering exam questions. 

For your discussion board post

a) Write the rationale for EACH… write why an answer is correct or incorrect beneath the response option. Begin your response with “this option is correct because…. Or this option is incorrect because…..”

b) Discuss any feelings you experienced as you worked through the process of answering the question. (See sample list of feelings).

c) Discuss any thoughts you had as you worked through the process of answering the question. 

A 67-year-old alert, oriented, male patient has been diagnosed with hypertension. The APRN tells him that medications are indicated. The patient states, “I want my partner to be here when you discuss my medication plan. We have been each other’s health care proxy for the last 3 years. I rely on him to help me remember things, especially when I am anxious. My father had high blood pressure and died of a stroke. I look more like my father than my mother who is Haitian so I am worried I may die like him. My partner and I should try to follow a more healthy diet.”

Which of the following is a culturally congruent action by the APRN? 

a) Explain that his full family and genetic heritage as well as lifestyle will be considered when determining the most appropriate antihypertensives.

b) Ask him if his father was overweight, black, or smoked, and then re-take his blood pressure.  

c) Wait until his partner arrives and then provide them with pamphlets on low fat, low sodium foods that include traditional Haitian foods. 

d) Tell him that physical features and appearance are not reliable predictors of hypertension, cardiac disease, or stroke; however, anxiety is a significant predictor. 

Healthy people 2030 for question 3


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