ERP Systems Top 3 Issues Healthcare CIOs Are Dealing With Essay

Watch the video (link below) by The HCI  Group, “ERP Systems: Top 3 Issue Healthcare CIO’s are Dealing With.”  This video shares three (3) top issues identified in 2016. 

After viewing the video, consider what are top issues today. Search the Internet to find a current article highlighting an issue that you see as important today.

Share a link to the article, and provide a written summary of the article and important implications for your organization (or a health care organization with which you are familiar). 

  1. Your written response should be at least one full page in length (and not more than two pages)
  2. ERP Systems: Top 3 Issues Healthcare CIO’s Are Dealing With Duration: 2:11  
    User: n/a –  Added: 4/4/16 YouTube URL:

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