Kean University Health and Wellness Program Essay

Case Studies – Course Design 

In this module, our focus was on human development and adulthood.

For this assignment, you will design a course to meet the health and wellness needs of the age group represented by the adult or adults you interviewed in Module 1. Your topic for the course should be based on the data you collected in the interviews.

Create the course in a format of your choice for your response.

  • Step 1. Identify the health and wellness topic and the title of the course.
  • Step 2. Use the data from the interview you conducted in Module 1 to help you develop the health and wellness course.
  • Step 3. Identify a learning environment appropriate for the age group.

Step 4. Design the course using the steps of “The Learning Cycle,” which consists of 7Es. As your design the course, identify where you will integrate technology.

Elicit: Select or design an activity to determine learners’ prior knowledge of the topic.

Engage: Select or design an activity to capture the learners’ attention, help them make connections, and give them a preview of what they are going to study.

Explore: Select or design an activity placing learners at the center of the action and calling on them to seek information or collect data on the topic.

Explain: This is a two-part stage, the first for learners and the second for the facilitator. (1) Select or design an opportunity for learners to report what they learned in the Explore stage. (2) Select new vocabulary and a way to present it; write questions to assess learners’ understanding of the concepts.

Elaborate (or Expand): Select or design a way to provide new information adding to the study, and identify a problem or issue for learners to solve or discuss by applying what they learned.

Evaluate: Select or design a way for learners to self-assess what they have learned and a way for you to evaluate their learning.

Extend: Select or design a strategy to help learners connect the newly acquired knowledge and skills to new situations related to the topic.

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