NHS COVID 19 Infection and The Risk of Developing Pulmonary Fibrosis Analysis Report

I am working on a small study. It is about COVID-19 infection and the risk of developing pulmonary fibrosis.

I have the excel data sheet, and there are many variables.

I need help with the SPSS system to help analyze the data.

Basically, I want to know if there is any association between each variable and the risk of developing pulmonary fibrosis in COVID patients.

So please, I need an expert in SPSS to help me to analyse the data very carefully and to formulate tables/ charts or others to simplify the data analysis.

-From the biochemical and vascular data, troponin level, I don’t want it a single number, I prefer if it can be range, for example, troponin level <15, 15-30, 30-60, unknown etc, this is just an example.

-For the treatment and ventilatory support, also I prefer if it can be in ranges. Maximum FIO2, for example: 0-28%- 29-40%, 41-60%, 61-80%, 81-100%, unknown.

-Days on O2 as IP lsoo in ranges: ,2weeks, 2-4weeks, 4-8 weeks, > 8weeks

  • Days on CPAP/ NIV/HFNO, IN RANGES AS WELL PLEASE, for example: ,2weeks, 2-4 weeks, >4 weeks
  • I+V: YES OR NO
  • Days on I+V, 0-2weeks, 2-4 weeks, > 4weeks
  • Days on ICU : range as well
  • Starting dose of steroid: 10, 20, 30, 40mg
  • Duration of prednisolone >2weeks-<6weeks, >8weeks
  • Severity index of first CXR at presentation: mild, moderate, severe
  • For the CT findings: very very important, so it is CT 1, CT 2, CT3, but it is all the findings for one patient, I mean one CT can have more than 1 finding, it can have BRONCHIECTASIS, GGO, reticulations etc so CT 1,2,3 reflect the CT findings for 1 patient, so I am not sure what is the best way to analyse it, this section is very very very important for my study.
  • O2 required at discharge: Yes/No, unkmwon, unknown
  • Weaning prednislone course required at discharge: Yes/No
  • Trial of drugs.
  • These data I need analysis for, the remaining I already have it.

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