San Diego City College Child Development Essay

Write two different Essay each one contain two paragraph (just one page for each essay) for
actual events during this year (5 or more) we found in magazine,
newspaper,store ….. etc, for disabled children . how they act ? how
people deal with them ? and what is your idea about that

  1. For two days, keep a log of all references to persons with special
    needs that you come across. It might be on television, in a movie, in
    someone’s conversation that you overhear, in the newspaper or magazine,
    in another class you are taking this semester. Just write a one sentence
    entry for each incident you notice.

For example,

  1. 2/7/20 10:00 AM – My math instructor talked about accommodating students with special needs.
  2. 2/7/20 2:00 PM – Read in People magazine about a child with cerebral palsy creating a special toy for other children with CP.
  3. 2/7/20 3:00 PM Heard someone in Target talking about a “blind kid” who lives on her block.

When you finish with your log entries, write two paragraphs

summarizing what impressions you have about public perceptions of

persons with special needs

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