WCUI School Dunbar Syndrome or Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome Questions

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Celiac artery compression syndrome is also known as Dunbar syndrome or median arcuate ligament syndrome (MALS). It is a rare medical condition characterized by recurrent abdominal pain. The condition results from the compression of the celiac artery by a fibrous band of the diaphragm known as the median arcuate ligament.

Celiac artery compression syndrome is a rare condition with a reported incidence of 2 per 100,000 population. It is commonly seen in young females between the ages of 30 to 50 years. It has a female to male ratio of 4:1. The condition has also been reported in children.

  • Explain when the diagnosis of celiac artery compression syndrome should be considered.
  • Explain how the diagnosis of celiac artery compression syndrome is made using ultrasound and other modalities as indicated.

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