Each question is worth 6 points. To receive all 6 points for each…

Question Answered step-by-step Each question is worth 6 points. To receive all 6 points for each… Each question is worth 6 points. To receive all 6 points for each question:Use ideas and strategies that we’ve discussed in class.Answer the question as deeply and honestly as you can.Give specifics! Identify the relationships you discuss (“my aunt”, “my partner”, etc.)Go over your vocabulary list and correctly use words and concepts from there.Questions:  6 points each: Describe your time management approach for next semester. How will you set yourself up for success? Explain at least 3 specific strategies and exactly how you do them.Describe your two most frequent distorted thoughts. Rewrite them to make them more accurate. How will you remind yourself to follow the more accurate thoughts?We practiced two communication approaches this semester; assertive communication (D.E.S.C.) and negotiating win-win compromises. In what future situations do you predict that one of these will be useful to you? Explain what you hope will happen and what you need to remember to make that most likely.Make a list of some of your most important values and strengths. (you can see the list of values we made in class by looking in the Class Notes, Week 5)Look at your values and strengths identified in #5. How will you develop your values and strengths?Describe your exercise plan to stay fit and. What exactly will you do, and what will your schedule be? What online resources can help? Be realistic. Set a realistic goal. It is better to start small and keep going, than to start big and burn out quickly.Choose one of these two questions for the last question:Does social media get you down? How can you use it to uplift you? Name a few people/organizations that you can follow for inspiration, and encouragement.During these times of terrible loss and fear, there have also been inspiring examples of courage and kindness. What has happened during the pandemic to help restore your faith in the goodness of human beings? Arts & Humanities Writing PEA MISC Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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