1. The Present Constitution has been ratified by the people of the…

Question 1. The Present Constitution has been ratified by the people of the… 1. The Present Constitution has been ratified by the people of the Philippines and took effect on what year?A.1986B.1987C.1973D.20172. This is considered as the upper chamber of our Legislative branch of governmentA.SENATEB.CAMARA DE REPRESENTANTESC.PARTY LISTD.CABINET3. Each department of the government has its own particular function to perform:A. Principle of Check and BalanceB. Principle of Separation of PowersC. Doctrine of Qualified Political AgencyD. Dura Lex Sed Lex4. What right has been guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, which should follow due process of law is missing: Life, Liberty and ________________.A. FREEDOM OF SPEECHB. IMMUNITY OF ARRESTC. PROPERTYD. HAVE RALLY5. An inherent power of the State to get private ownership for public use:A. POLICE POWERB. TAXATIONC. EMINENT DOMAIND. INVESTIGATE AND PROSECUTION6. A kind of tax paid once a person receive an amount of money from a living relative abroad.A. INHERITANCE TAXB. DONORS TAXC. VALUE ADDED TAXD. AD VALOREM TAX7. The tax imposed to Filipinos in order to generate the much needed reserve for debt servicing.A. DUTY TAX B. AD VALOREM TAXC. VALUE ADDED TAXD. EXCISE TAX8. Which is NOT true about TaxationA. It is obligatoryB. It raises revenueC. It covers even inanimate objectsD. It covers even the minors9. Tax imposed on gasolineA. Excise TaxB. Real Estate TaxC. Value Added TaxD.  Ad Valorem Tax10. According to the last will and testament of “Pedro’s” parents, he inherits a vast track of land. What kind of tax will be imposed on him ?A. Ad Valorem TaxB. Excise TaxC. DONORS TAXD. INHERITANCE TAX 11. The TRAIN law was implemented to generate funds for what government project? Write only the acronym in CAPITAL LETTER (with no added characters before, after and in between) the letters.12. Since 30 years ago, what government office has been tasked to implement the CARP. Write the CAPITAL LETTER of the ACCRONYM only with no added characters before, after and in between the LETTERS. Law Social Science Tax law ENGINEERIN 2940 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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