Question… to answer according to character description: SINDISIWE MSHENGUYou are a forty-year-old black mother of five who works as a maid for the family of a conservative, Afrikaner Member of Parliament. The MP’s wife is very strict with you and has accused you of stealing from her, which makes you angry. Your first daughter, who is fourteen, is in charge of caring for her younger siblings as you spend most nights sleeping in the maid’s room at your employer’s house. She comes to visit occasionally after school and to ask for money so she can buy food or clothing for the children. You never seem to have enough to give her, and you are sad not to see your children grow up. When you were younger you participated in peaceful protests, but now you question whether they had any effect. Image transcription textices Review View Help Tell me what you want to do Editing v A A B I U DA A … EEVEESEA OVO CapeTownship Residents The Future of Anti-Apartheid Protesting Name: Your Role You have been called upon toexpress the concerns of a resident of a Cape area township in June 1961. You are meeting at nigh… Show more… Show more History World History Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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