I’m stuck on how to solve this. I have included the data below. I…

Question Answered step-by-step I’m stuck on how to solve this. I have included the data below. I… I’m stuck on how to solve this.  I have included the data below.  I thought for this answer I look at the Party Column for Independent answers.  that column has only republican and democrat responses, no independent.  I don’t know how to solve this now.  No other columns pertain to political preferences.   Please help! In 2014, Gallup conducted a poll where 42% of those surveyed said they were “Independents” (as opposed to Democrat or Republican). You take a random sample of 74 people at your campus. You believe that the percentage of Independents on your campus is lower than the 42% found in the Gallup poll. You want to test that claim. In your sample, 27 students said they were Independents.  Your Null Hypothesis is: Ho:p=0.42Your Alternative Hypothesis is: Ha:p<0.42 Run a hypothesis test for proportions for this situation. Be sure that you carefully enter the value of 0.42 for both the null proportion value and for the alternative proportion value.A) What is the sample proportion?  Round four decimal places.B) What is the test statistic? This is labeled as Z-Stat. Round four decimal places.C) What is the P-value for this test? Round to four decimal places. exerciseonlinepetsrentpartyincome_10_post7110D450002010495D47400310900D584002210R56000111340R41500200550D2340004 or more21350D49200501600D8500020300R6320004 or more11140R68800810500D4000024 or more0897.5D50050 2  D 1100R72000000500R43000710800D88000802600D81000800700R7000010200D 7311375D395003011200D800002001545R55500330660R5600054 or more1675D259000111550D616003301200D912007010D2610003020R 000400R280002000900D770000301750D8900004 or more21954.74D51100003450D608003010R4440004 or more1850D 10201525R20500411560D440007010D6930054 or more11450D 121500R6000044 or more00D 54 or more1600R 222500R88800003450D56800521700D462003000R 24 or more00D60800       Math Statistics and Probability MATH 146 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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