Question Answered step-by-step PLEASE HELP ME TO CORRECT GRAMMAR MISTAKES As a patriot, I am known… PLEASE HELP ME TO CORRECT GRAMMAR MISTAKESAs a patriot, I am known for the role played as a member of 13 British colonies that militated against the English monarch during the time of the American Revolution. Our greatest goal was to oppose the British laws on having no Colonists Representative in the European monarch.Also, our opposition was against imposing a high tax rate on Americans to allow the European monarch to finance their colonial army and expand their territories.These laws were imposed by the colonists to cause the American Revolution which opened the door to the support of other Native Americans to arm themselves and fight for the independence of the United States from the European monarch.I think that our fight to obtain a State of rights where all Americans will be heard and treated on an equal basis without being the victim of discrimination based on race, color, sex, and beliefs is far from over because until now our judicial, economic, and political system is dominated by strong discriminationOne example is the inhumane arrest of George Floyd which caused his unfair death. Human rights defenders see this arrest as proof of the violation of the liberty of a person who should obtain equal protection of the law and be fairly heard by a court without any form of discrimination.This reminds me of the colonial days when we were also not heard and protected by the law of the monarch. Unlike when we were under English colonization, Americans today are a free people and must respect values that promote national cohesion.Equality between all social strata in America is now more defended and adopted, unlike before where only a small portion of the population supports our civil rights movements in our struggle for freedom and equality of the United States of America.It is important to point out that during the time of the revolution and even today, Americans campaigned for equality between all the racial differences that make up American society, equal protection of laws, gender roles, and the right to speak in courts and tribunals.  History US History ENGLISH 102 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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