QUESTION 1 1. The downfall of Senator Joseph McCarthy, the spread…

Question QUESTION 1 1. The downfall of Senator Joseph McCarthy, the spread… QUESTION 11. The downfall of Senator Joseph McCarthy, the spread of American ideas about democracy and citizenship, the success of the civil rights movement, and the dissemination of traditional ideas about American life were attributed to this new form of media. a. Movies b. Mass circulation magazines c. Radio d. Television3 points QUESTION 21. Agreement made between people in neighborhoods not to rent or sell to blacks or other minorities to protect their property values. a. Cooperative b. Grandfather Clause c. Commune d. Restrictive Covenant3 points QUESTION 31. Process where people moved outside of the city for better jobs, better schools, cheaper homes, and fresher air. a. Suburbanization b. Urbanization c. Migration d. Repopulation3 points QUESTION 41. Term popularized by Stokely Carmichael after 1966 to represent the idea encompassing ideas racial pride, ideas of self-reliance, and nationalism for African Americans a. Black Belt Thesis b. Black Arts Movement c. Black Militancy d. Black Power3 points QUESTION 51. What were the effects of Reaganomics? Check all that apply. Distribution of income growth was equitable (equal) among all classes. National Debt increased Incomes increased. The economy expanded All people experienced a significant increase in income. Jobs were created.4 points QUESTION 61. Term used to refer to these various revolutionary organizations and movements of the late 60s. Referenced black power (Black Panther), anti-war (Students for a Democratic Society) and women’s liberation movements.3 points QUESTION 71. What were results of the Vietnam War? Check all answers that apply. The US won the war. national debt increased Americans distrusted government. President was given unlimited military powers as commander in chief. Americans became hesitant to get involved in long term military conflicts.4 points QUESTION 81. 1. Term for Clinton’s political strategy to attract conservative voters by adopting parts of the conservative agenda in his new brand of liberalism – neoliberalism. a. Three Strikes Rule b. Free Trade c. Welfare reform d. Triangulation3 points QUESTION 91. In the The Feminine Mystique Betty Friedan argued that _______________________. a. Women could find fulfillment both through working outside the home and in the domestic sphere. b. Gender expectations needed to change. c. There needed to be legal changes to improve the condition of women in this country. d. The institution of marriage should be abolished.3 points QUESTION 101. Black Power organizations like the Black Panther Party were inherently anti-white. True False1 points QUESTION 111. According to our class discussion what was the most important strategic concept guiding American foreign policy during the Cold War.?3 points QUESTION 121. The struggle to protest discrimination against homosexuals began with the Stonewall Riot in 1969. True False1 points QUESTION 131. The creation of values, customs, and practices in opposition to traditional values of a society as a form of protest. a. Uprising b. Liberalism c. Counter-culture d. Utopia3 points QUESTION 141. According to the Introduction to Capital Moves, why did RCA migrate from location to location? a. RCA executives wanted to expand foreign markets. b. The company wanted lower taxes. c. The company was looking to acquire other businesses. d. RCA executives were in search of low wage labor.3 points QUESTION 151. Period when the role and responsibilities of the federal government grew to include civil rights, poverty, and healthcare. This amounted to an expansion of the welfare state. a. New Deal b. Progressive Era c. Great Society3 points QUESTION 161. The following forms of protest are examples of Civil Rights Era non-violent direct action except. a. Brown V Board of Education case b. Birmingham March c. Freedom Rides d. Sit-ins3 points QUESTION 171. What contributed to the economic problems of the 1970s? Check all that apply. deindustrialization Unregulated stock market collapse of the housing market Inflation bank failures trade deficit oil shortage”Yes, your ancestors probably did come here legally – because ‘illegal’ immigration is less than a century old.””The Jungle and the Progressive Era” by Robert Cherny”The Gilded Age””Self Help” from Southern Horrors: Lynch Law and All its Phases by Ida B Wells14 The Cold War”When Civil Rights Unity Fractured” Peniel Joseph”Does Black Lives Matter Pick Up Where the Black Panthers Left Off?” by Sean Elder”A Glimpse into 1970s Gay Activism””Books as Bombs: Why the Women’s Movement Needed the Feminine Mystique” Louis MenandPlease do what you can History US History HIS 112 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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