Artificial Intelligence is a way of making a computer, a robot, or…

Question Answered step-by-step Artificial Intelligence is a way of making a computer, a robot, or…  Artificial Intelligence is a way of making a computer, a robot, or a product think like a smart human. Artificial intelligence is the study of how the brain solves problems by thinking, learning, deciding, and working. Lastly, these studies produce intelligent software. AI aims to improve computer functions that relate to human knowledge, such as reasoning, learning, and problem-solving. The benefit AI brings to the people and the dangerous face that people get when people are dependent on AI. But dangerous than the benefit, people need to consider. If people based on it too much they would become active. This article relates to the AI that appealed to how AI change mankind’s living in the future. How AI helps the people in the industries and the government also in the military.All around the world right now. Everyone knows about AI (Artificial intelligence). It brings many benefits to people and helps humans with the evolution to the new age. They can learn and develop like the person, they would become smarter and learn more from the world and expanse their mind, after that they will have the knowledge of human and start to take over everything. AI is no exception. Nowadays, most big companies use AI and develop it more. Taking our attention away from the real danger of this technology. By colonizing and privatizing the material world and restructuring labor, some big tech companies aspired to become rich and powerful. They are dependent on AI  Data theft, invasive surveillance, erosion of democracy, and automated bias are all part of the erosion of democracy today. According to researchers at Cambridge University, artificial intelligence (AI) and religion have been discussed, including whether it enhances or detracts from spirituality, as well as whether it is beneficial or hazardous to society. “Technological advances in robotics and artificial intelligence have the capacity to impart considerable benefits and dangers to the future, and, as such, there is an urgent need for innovative global governance in these areas “(GARCIA). By helping the evolution of work, artificial intelligence can benefit the economy. AI can become smarter over time by utilizing deep learning and machine learning, increasing business efficiency. Furthermore, artificial intelligence will reduce human error and study historical data to reduce costs. Artificial intelligence and the eventual use for lethal purposes in war will fundamentally change warfare and law enforcement, posing fundamental challenges for the stability of the international system. As a result of these changes, states should adopt preventive security governance frameworks based upon the precautionary principle of international law and precedents where prevention brought stability to all nations. There are multiple environmental concerns with the rise of artificial intelligence, data centers that consume enormous amounts of energy, and ever-growing piles of toxic e-waste as biological diversity disappears and the planet burns. It appears that data is even more destructive than its predecessor, the oil of the modern age. They can place a lot of data in the world and save it in the memory and also remember it. For example. Amazon uses AI to manage the customer and also stack the stuff that is dangerous to humans. In the future mankind could use AI and apply it to the medical. In the military, the commander commands the AI and the AI would report and also help the military navigate the threats. As AI weapons become more sophisticated, a war’s starting point will decline. As a consequence, violence will increase. Peace and security will be threatened by the erosion of the non-use of military force and established rules of peace. In this instance, countries with advanced technology may have an advantage over countries without access to AI weapons.  The AI might control better than the human but AI doesn’t have the emotion. According to the article ” You, Will Lose Your Job to a Robot and Sooner Than You Think”, Drum asserts that ” I don’t care what your job is. If you dig ditches, a robot will dig them better. If you’re a magazine writer, a robot will write your articles better. If you’re a doctor, IBM’s Watson will no longer “assist” you in finding the right diagnosis from its database of millions of case studies and journal articles. It will just be a better doctor than you. And CEOs? Sorry. Robots will run companies better than you do. Artistic types? Robots will paint and write and sculpt better than you.” (Drum). The author showed how AI works and how it is incredible, he lists several jobs that would be important like doctor or CEO. He thinks that might be in the future that AI will take over the job. The robot will replace the doctor and the other in near future. AI progresses exponentially over time. The result is that even when computer power doubles from a trillionth of a human brain to a billionth and then a millionth, the amount of employment doesn’t change too much. After that, the robots go from a thousandth of human intelligence to a human level of intelligence in a matter of seconds. Up next are nonroutine occupations such as surgeons, novelists, police officers, construction workers, etc. All these jobs are potentially fully automated. Image transcription textResearch Essay Rubric – Technology (1} Criteria Ratings Pts Introduction 15 to >3.o pts 8 to >01″; pts 0pts You have successfully Great Intro! Something’s Missing Oops! included a detailed All Introduction Youincorporated some but not all Either your Introduction is missing explanation of your topic prompt… Show more… Show moreCan you read and fix my essay by following this rubric, please. Arts & Humanities Writing ENGL 100S Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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