Stats. 5 Decimal places

Question Answered step-by-step Stats. 5 Decimal places  Image transcription textQuestion 6: What is the probability of drawing a score at random from a normal distribution with a mean of 61.61 and a standard deviation of 18.22 and finding that the score is in the interval [50, 75]? (1 Points) Question 7: If a normal distribution has a mean of 15.15 and standard deviation of 3.33, then what proportion of the distribution of means falls between 14 and 16 when sample size is 26? (1 Points) Question 8- A sample of 1939 scores a normal distribution with a mean of 19.45 and a standard… Show moreStats. 5 Decimal places Math Statistics and Probability PSYC 315 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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