Born and raised in Windsor, Patricia felt the need to explore…

Question Born and raised in Windsor, Patricia felt the need to explore… Born and raised in Windsor, Patricia felt the need to explore career opportunities in Vancouver . After months of looking , Pat decided to accept an offer from an employer in Vancouver on October 1, 2021 for a salary of $4,500 . After accepting the job, Pat listed her windsor house for sale and flew to Vancouver in order to find a new home. Pat stayed seven day in Vancouver to buy a condo and furniture . Her expenses for this 7 day trip were as follows:Return Air Fare$ 586Car Rental (7 Days at $45)315Hotel (7 Nights at $122)854Food (7 Days – Total)455The real estate market in Windsor was challenging and Pat found difficulty in selling the house. Pat had to accept an offer for an early possession on September 1 ,2021. So Pat had to spend a couple of days in a Windsor hotel while she finalized arrangements for her departure. Expenses during these 2 days were as follows:Hotel (2 Nights at $115)$230Food (2 Days – Total)26On September 3, she leaves Windsor by automobile, arriving in Vancouver on September 7. The trip is 4,000 kilometers. As her new residence is not yet available, she lives in a hotel in Vancouver until September 28. Her expenses for the that period are as follows:Gasoline during the travel$ 297Hotel (4 Nights en route+21 nights in Vancouver at $135)3,375Food (25 Days – Total)1,820She received the following statements from her attorney:Real estate commission – Old House$ 16,800Legal Fees – Old House1,800Unpaid Property Taxes on old house to date of sale1,350Legal Fees – New House1,950Pat’s income this year was $25,000 from old and new employer. No reimbursement were made by the employer. Assume that the relevant flat rate for vehicle expenses is $0.55 and the flat rate for meals is $51 per day.You are required o show all your calculations and explanations. If an item is to be notmincluded, you are required to explain the reasonRequired:Calculate the maximum allowable moving expenses that Latricia can deduct from her Net Income For Tax Purposes for 2020 and any amount that can be carried forward to a subsequent year. Law Social Science Tax law ACCOUNGING 3002 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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