I need help translating this into spanish. Growing up I was a very…

Question I need help translating this into spanish. Growing up I was a very… I need help translating this into spanish.Growing up I was a very quiet child. I didn’t really socialize with many people or had many friends. My mom would tell me stories about how I would play games by myself   at recess. When I started 3rd grade I became more talkative. I started to be more friendly towards others and makes friends. I loved going to my neighbor’s park to ride my bike with my little sister. I would have races with my classmates. I never won any of those races. The park would be packed with almost 30 childern. We would make silly competitions. I would play basketball with the boys at the basketball court at the park. When the weather was too hot ,we would play in the sprinklers.  I had my first big birthday party when I was in six grade. I invited my whole class to FunHouse in New Rochelle. We play glow in the dark bowling.After we ate a large vanilla cake. I won 6 prizes from the arcade. I took home so many gifts that day. I had so much fun. I have a lot of great and funny memories from playing at that park. I am still friend with my friends from 3rd grade.  Foreign Language Spanish SPAN 102 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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