discussion part 2

Discussion 2: Ethical Decision Making and Personal Values

Read the statements below and consider to what extent you “agree” or “disagree”: Killing innocent people (murder) is sometimes justifiable. Killing innocent people (murder) is always wrong. Ethically, all human lives are equally worth saving. Ethically, some human lives are more worth saving than others. Lying is always wrong. Sometimes, lying is justifiable.

Now, think about whether you agreed or disagreed and how your personal values influenced your answer. These statements were rather straightforward; consider that often you will be faced with more complex and potentially ambiguous situations.

Post by Day 5 an evaluation of the impact of personal values on ethical decision making. Your evaluation should include the following: A brief analysis of your response to the above questions A description of which decision-making model fits with your professional identity An assessment how your personal values and ethics impact your decision making within your professional identity



Lefkowitz, J. (2003). Ethics and Values in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

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