LS3010 foundation Week 1 – Assignment: Develop a Diary Entry Entitled "My First Step"


In your diary entry, discuss the Lao-tzu quote as it applies to you. This will be a three- to four-paragraph entry. In the first paragraph, provide your thoughts on the quotation itself. In the second paragraph, discuss the decisions you made to enable you to take this first step toward your degree. Finally, the third and fourth paragraphs should include a description of the next and later steps of your “thousand-mile journey” and your hopes for the future.

Even though this assignment involves personal reflection, it is important to ensure that your wording is original. Before you upload your paper, you should ensure that there are no spelling or grammar errors. Your word processor should provide a spell checker. Some students use to check their grammar. The file name provided to all assignments in this course use the NCU “save as” protocol LastnameFirstInitialCourseNumber-Assignment Number. For this week for Jerri-Anne Bostock, the assignment will be saved to her computer prior to uploading it to the course room as BostockJLS3010-1

Length 3-4 paragraphs

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