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7 page paper APA formatting opportunity to explore in depth a child-focused topic of personal/professional interest.  8 cited resources in the body of the paper, of which only 4 can be from course module readings. 
Topic Option; Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) , Kids with disabilities
Integrate multiple and interprofessional perspectives, critical analysis, and personal reflections into the text. Be sure to discuss research or findings that present alternative or opposing viewpoints, and describe any further work that needs to be done to better understand this issue. 
Included in Paper Statement of your topic Literature review Critical analysis of literature cited Presentation of critical/interprofessional perspectives Summary of your findings Reflective commentary including how your views on the topic were affirmed, disconfirmed and/or transformed by your research.
Schore, J. R. & Schore, A. N. (2008). Modern attachment theory: The central role of affect regulation in development and treatment. Clinical Social Work Journal, 36(1), 9-20. Shapiro, V. (2009). Reflections on the work of Professor Selma Fraiberg: A pioneer in the field of social work and infant mental health. Clinical Social Work Journal, 37(1), 45-55. Shonkoff, J. P., Boyce, W. T., & McEwen, B. S. (2009). Neuroscience, molecular biology, and the childhood roots of health disparities. JAMA, 301(21), 2252. Frederick, J. & Goddard, C. (2007). Exploring the relationship between poverty, childhood adversity and child abuse from the perspective of adulthood. Child Abuse Review, 16(5), 323-341. Haight, W. L., Kagle, J. D., & Black, J. E. (2003). Understanding and supporting parent-child relationships during foster care visits: Attachment theory and research. Social Work, 48(2). Mohr, M. and Burke, G. (2014). “Faulty reporting, poor oversight let abused kids suffer, die.” Portland Press Herald. Online. Rhodes, K. V., Cerulli, C., Dichter, M. E., Kothari, C. L., & Barg, F. K. (2010). “I didn’t want to put them through that”: The influence of children on victim decision-making in intimate partner violence cases. Journal of Family Violence, 25(5), 485-493.

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