Psychology Discussion Post and Responses

No specific format, references must be included. 


Discussion Post Question (300-350 words): 

Life-span development is an important topic in psychology that has an entire course devoted to it (PSY 211). Human development is influenced by our environment and experiences. Research gives us clues on which has the most impact on a particular area, but we still do not have definitive answers. 

Choose a trait or behavior and state whether you believe it is influenced most strongly by nature or nurture. Back up your position with material from the text and information from a study or other credible source. For example, you might choose something such as a specific talent, sexual orientation/gender identity, or a certain type of prosocial/antisocial behavior. 


Response 1, respond to the following post (200 words):  Hello all,

I have chosen parenting, human development is influenced by environment ( where and how they were raised), individuals values , and culture (what religion they belong to). Parenting have a great impact on the child or a bad one, parenting can be nature by having a natural instinct to be a caregiver  which is why parenting should be nature and nurturing. As a parent you have to show your child unconditional love and and reassure them that you are here to protect. As 4.16 stated we read backwards into our parents and forward into our child,  and through their children to a future we will never see.


Response 2, respond to the following post (200 words):

I come from a family that is not super affectionate. We rarely hug or kiss and in turn I’m the same. I often see families who are really close and must hug or kiss or show some sort of affection while interacting. Even close friends who were raised this way often find me stand offish when they run up to me wanting a welcoming embrace and I either immediately back away or barely give them a pat on the back. However, this often changes in non-social settings. If I’m with my partner I can be very affectionate and loving and it is almost too much but on that same coin there are days where I need no physical contact. After reading the text I think I fall somewhere between insecure-attachment and insecure-avoidant attachment. I have lots of anxiety issues and never thought that this could directly affect my personal relationships. I never would’ve connected by my attachment or avoidance of intimate relationships on the way I was raised. Per the text “securely attached children approach life with a sense of basic trust—a sense that the world is predictable and reliable.” I do not have this basic trust. I often think that people are up to something or being “shady” this is more often than not that people have to earn my trust rather me give it out freely. Growing up I was raised by my mainly single mother who very much was the Authoritarian. I also watched her be this way in relationships. I am super independent but I also have Authoritarian attitude. After reading the text I do believe there are some things that just born with others I think it is definitely a nurture thing. We learn so much by those that are around us from birth to adulthood.

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