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Read the abstract, introduction, and conclusions of the article and skim the remainder of it to understand the gist. You are not expected to understand the details of the article; your task is to understand the article’s general thrust, content, and conclusions. Write a brief summary (as detailed below) to document your reading. Be sure to use your own words. Do not copy or paraphrase the abstract or the paper.

Write a brief, double-spaced paper summarizing the article. The body of your essay should contain three sections, each between 100-300 words. Start each of the three sections with a heading, copying the exact words for each heading described below. No separate introduction or conclusion is required, simply answer the three questions. Under each heading write a well-organized paragraph that specifically addresses the question posed in the heading:

1. What question or questions does the article address?

2. Why are the question(s) that the article addresses important ones to consider?

3. What answers does the article provide?

the link of the article of the journal :

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