2 page lecture (PRO DAN)

I need someone to create a 2 page  mini-lecture targeted specifically for first year Marriage & Family Therapy  students. APA style

Include information or responses to the following items:

A list of the strengths or characteristics of resilience identified in your reading and reflection.

A comment on how cultural stress, financial stress, and social stress play roles in resilience (include your reflections on each of these aspects).

A declaration of the strengths you believe will be most helpful to families with whom you will be working in dealing with violence. Be sure to explain how you would apply these ideas to your work with diverse families.

A description of how you will assist families to develop/use these strengths to prevent or overcome the consequences of family violence.

Your goal would be to take these four points and apply them to helping you develop resilience for yourself, learn about family violence, and help your clients who are victims of family violence.


Chambers, J. C. (2005). Strengths for.    coping with family conflict.

Stephens, K. (2010). Fostering resilience in children exposed to domestic violence.

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