Interpreting Research Findings

   Interpreting Research Findings

Discuss some of the practical and ethical challenges related to research with children. Use the Capella library and locate an empirically based article with children as subjects. Share the context and results of the study and discuss the practical and ethical challenges that emerged. What relevant considerations seem to have been omitted or not considered in your selected article related to practical and ethical challenges?

Following is an example of such a study. Do not use the example but find your own study from Capella library. Neuman, S. B., Kaefer, T., Pinkham, A., & Strouse, G. (2014). Can babies learn to read? A randomized trial of baby media. Journal of Educational Psychology, 106(3), 815.

Refer to the PSY7220 Research Guide for information on finding peer-reviewed articles. Links to both the article and the library guide are given in the resources. 

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