Calculating the Good

Utilitarianism seems simple on the surface. However, this assumption is predicated on the premise that one can calculate the “good” and calculating the good complicates things. According to your readings for this module, utilitarianism is not always as simple as it seems.


Typical “objections” to utilitarianism are the following:

 TimePredictabilityWhose good is being considered?Rule makingThe tyranny of the majorityDoes the end justify the means?Pick two of the objections.Discuss how these objections make calculating utility or “good” difficult.Your response should be approximately 75 words for each objection.Use a personal example for each of your objections.  Each example may be not more than two sentences long.Please make references to your readings from this week to support your opinion. Be sure to accurately cite any references using APA format.

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