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When choosing the topic, you must choose a topic related to PSYCHOLOGY. Your choice of a topic is important.  You will be spending the majority of this course exploring your topic in depth. This topic should be personally interesting, but hopefully simple too.  There are several places to explore topic choices.  These include introductory psychology textbooks, content-specific psychology textbooks, and the American Psychological Association (APA) website (  In addition, your lab manual lists several ideas for choosing a proper proposal topic. It is a good idea to share your topic with me before you begin your proposal, but not required.    

When choosing the topic, you must choose a topic related to PSYCHOLOGY. To get the best quality articles, try to ensure that your research comes from APA journals (for a list of all APA journals, see All of your articles should come from PsycInfo. Please review the video on using PsycInfo. Some topics are difficult to study because they are old ideas (e.g., classical conditioning) or too technical (e.g., the role of specific genes in autism).  

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