Response 8

Respond by Day 5 to at least two of your colleagues who chose a different topic in one or more of the following ways: Expand on your colleague’s posting. Share an insight you gained from having read your colleague’s post. Suggest another resource related to the colleague’s topic and explain why it would be of interest. Validate an idea with your own experience.

Classmate- KN

Ethical coaching is the ethical practice by professionals used to assist meet objectives and achievements (Lowman, 2012). In this field, there are various strategies and guidelines to achieving specific goals. Three characteristics that are important in succeeding in this profession such as upholding confidentiality of client/sponsor information, showing integrity in all situations, and remaining non-discriminatory to all persons. Along with that, professionals must demonstrate an understanding of the ethical code of conduct and the guidelines for how one must conduct themselves in the workplace (APA, 2010). 

Although ethical consulting and coaching are two separate disciplines, they overlap in regard to the principals and standards that align with those for the American Psychological Association. The principles that are of relevance to each field are stated in the American Psychological Association principles and standards. Integrity should be adopted by all professionals to provide clear and accurate information in coaching, science, and all practices of psychology. Another principle that is of most importance is upholding every person’s rights and dignity by ensuring these are in no way violated or tested (APA, 2010). 

Classmate- AB

The rules by which our lives are lived are founded by our ethical principles while our values govern the way in which we behave as previously learned at the beginning of the course. As ethical consultants in the field of psychology, we must work using a set of principles which guide us toward ethical behaviors. Keeping that in mind, one of the top three characteristics of an ethical consultant or coach involves them being vigilant because they must recognize ethical dilemmas which directly relate to the American Psychological Association (2010) ethical standards section. In addition, coaches and consultants must practice consulting or coaching without causing their clients harm. For consultants, the International Coach Federation (2015) declared their members must protect their clients from potential harm due to the Hippocratic oath. Comparatively, consultants must adhere to the same Hippocratic oath to do no harm and avoid it. Finally, the consultant, as well as the coach, must be deemed as trustworthy by their clients which also directly relate to the American Psychological Association (2010) code of ethics principle of integrity. With that in mind, coaches, according to the International Coach Federation (2015), have several guidelines relating to integrity that must be adhered to while consultants focus on gaining their trustworthiness through ethical characteristics that stimulate and support, etc. the client (Society of Consulting Psychology, n.d.).

According to the International Coach Federation (2015), coaching involves assisting clients through a thought-provoking and creative process. Conversely, according to the Society of Consulting Psychology (n.d.) consulting, in short, involves advising clients effectively through psychological assessments and interventions. Although consulting and coaching are two different fields in psychology, they also overlap with ethical principles and standards due to the International Coach Federation (2015) and the Society of Consulting Psychology (n.d.) codes and principles also following the American Psychological Association (2010) code of ethical standards and principle guidelines due to them adopting most of the American Psychological Association ethical rules and standards policies. Thus, all organizations highlight the importance of refraining from conflict of interest situations, as well as the importance of maintaining confidentiality. In all, whether the psychologist is practicing as a coach or as a consultant, they have a responsibility to do so ethically.

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