Career Change/Vocational Counselor

Mr Gomez is a Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor in his state.  He has nearly 15 years experience in the addiction/mental health field. During this time he has facilitated group and individual therapy for those who struggle with addiction. He also was the director of a number of programs in which he help design and implement a drug education program for the judicial system.  He also helps develops an all Hispanic program for one of the agencies he worked for.

Mr. Gomez is currently looking to change careers and is applying for a position as an instructor at a college in the Human Service Department.

Mr. Gomez has little to no experience in teaching. He has substituted for his local community college teaching classes in substance abuse and human services.  He will be teaching a full semester in the upcoming spring which will give him some experience but as of right now he doesn’t have any.

He believes if he is able to educate and teach students to be great human services workers either in the field of addiction or other social service jobs, he could continue to help the population that he first was passionate about (addiction)

Mr. Gomez was born in the United States to Puerto Rican born parents. His bilingual skill has helped him reach the Hispanic community at large and other marginalized population.

Mr. Gomez holds a Masters degree in Education, he thinks that his degree won’t speak for his course work as majority of his studies were focused on addiction and human service.

Mr. Gomez was asked to submit his philosophy statement to a local college that he applied for. Using the information above, and his college transcript help Mr. Gomez develop a philosophy statement that will help him land the college professor position.

Write a philosophy statement (500 words) answering these two questions.

1-       1- Describe your philosophy for education, educating and/or supporting success for all students.


2-       2- We embrace diversity in all of its contexts, including strengths, perspectives, and people. We seek to increase our capacity to understand issues of differences, power, and privilege and to constructively resolve conflict. Tell us about any personal or professional experiences you have had that would help you assist us to fulfill our goals of increasing our capacity to understand issues of diversity and difference.  

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