PH paper due 12 hours.


You are to turn in a 5 page paper that: (a) gives the pros and cons of three legal theories; (b) a 

one page justification of the single theory that you will choose for your Supreme Court Cases.  

Be sure to give reasons that relate back to your comments in (a).  Then, finally, give an 

application of your theory to an event in the world today.

FIVE PAGES:  Page One—one theory pro and con/ Page Two—a second theory pro and con/ 

Page Three—a third theory pro and con/ Page Four—Your preferred theory and why you chose 

it over the other two/ Page Five—An application of your preferred theory to a concrete case in 

the world today whether or not an actual legal case has been started on this issue.

Grading Criteria. 1. If you have followed the structure set out above you will get at least a “B-.” 

2. Depending on how you handle the execution of pages 4 and 5 you may rise up to higher 


the three legal theories are: 

1-   legal positivism (original intent, and developing language)

2-natural law (religious-based or ethically-based)

3- legal realism, legal pluralism are the principal.

you can use the links below to do the paper. no citation need.

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