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You will be given one written observation activity over development during infancy, childhood, and adolescence, worth 150 points.  For the activity, you are required to use the Lifespan Development notes from Canvas and no other source.  I will also provide extra notes to aid in writing your paper.  You are required to observe infancy, child, and adolescent concepts in everyday life.  You must find/observe examples of 7 different concepts as your observation.  The 7 concepts are of your choice, excluding any concepts that aren’t allowed.  In the paper, you must state the age-appropriate concepts for infancy, childhood, and adolescence that you observed, including a description of what you observed, accurately stating the concept, and stating the definition/description of the concept from the notes.  The example, what you observed, must match and pertain to the concept.  If the subject is not in that age group during the observation, you are not allowed to use that concept with that example.  You are not allowed to give an example/observation of someone retroactively, meaning it must be the subject’s current age, not something they did when they were younger or in a different age group.  You must tell where each observation was obtained and give the age, or approximate age, sex, or gender, for the subjects.  You are allowed to do your observations in multiple locations and with multiple subjects.  You are allowed to observe all age groups or one age group.

The paper must be 2-3 pages in length of text, typed, double-spaced, 11- or 12-point font, with 1-inch margins, using the concepts as subtopics (headings) for each paragraph.  You also need a title page with your name, date, and class day and time.  You won’t need a folder, but you must staple your paper.  Because you are using the notes from class, you are not required to make citations within the paper.

The grade for the paper will be calculated as follows:  title page (5 pts); correct format (10 pts); quality, including grammar and punctuation (30 pts); accurate application of concepts (105 pts).

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