MY DISCUSSION POST Nature and Nurture as one of the major issue in lifespan development is the topic I have chosen…

Nature and Nurture as one of the major issue in lifespan development is the topic I have chosen to discuss on.

Lifespan development is the field of study that examines the patterns of growth, change and stability in behavior that occurs throughout the lifespan. In it’s study of growth, change, and stability lifespan development takes a scientific approach.

Twin studies help to explain the concept of nature versus nurture controversy. The nature versus nurture debate was based upon opposing views as to which contributed most to the shaping of the personality environmental influences (e.g; homework, school, etc.);or genetic influences (biological factors that we inherited from parents).Genetic influences imply that since the factors are inherited; they cannot be changed.

Gang (2005), suggests the following counter argument. He asserts that a new born may be genetically determined as a redhead. However, that redhead can be changed if the person so desires. On the other hand, if a member of a sample had exposure to different environment, he or she may have variation in phenotypes (eg; features) while a person born in an identical environment will have similar phenotype. Therefore, Gang (2005) suggests that heredity coefficients depend on the variability of environmental influences and genetic influences within the sample.

Temperament affect the traits or descriptors in describing individual differences. The concept of temperament is viewed as deriving from biological and emotional processes, a view consistent with current conceptualizations of temperament.(Friedman & Schustack,2006).

Moreover, according to Rettew & McKee (2005),temperament has traditionally been used to describe children and infants, whereas personality is generally applied to adults and adolescents. Researchers conclude that strong link exists between personality and temperament that is difficult to distinguish. Although research is presented to affirm that biological systems are part of human make up. However, researchers acknowledge that people vary in the strength and expression of these systems which become manifest in traits across the lifespan.

Biological model

The biological model is based on genetic factors. For instance, studies indicate that language is a learned behavior (e.g. Mc Cabe 1989),like many other complex human activities and is based on interactions . For instance, given on nature view, the human brain is predisposed in various linguistic ways and people rely on general intellectual capacities.

Temperament model of personality

Research suggests that the temperament that the temperament and personality traditions have offered much in the way of studying personality development. In addition, there have been a number of personality studies examining personality through behavioral observations, which has provided important insights into the genetic and environmental sources of variation in adults observed traits.

In conclusion, nature verses nurture in lifespan development is a complex issue which needs to be clarified accordingly.

For the first discussion in Unit 1 you posted, Applying Major Issues in Development to Practice, you crafted a discussion post in which you evaluated a scholarly resource. Using the responses you received from your fellow cohorts on your posting and the Scholarly Resource Evaluation Rubric linked in the Resources for this assignment, self-evaluate your discussion post. Submit the completed evaluation rubric for this assignment.


First off, I enjoyed reading your post, and the way you represented your data was very sound. As I know this subject, nature vs. nurture is very sensitive for some people, as the debate has been going on for years. The way you embodied the nature vs. nurture issue, and what you are trying to say is very vibrant, and it sounds logical the way you said it. In reference to the way you described the issue and the information you showed, the use of the study from Gang was good to look into. Using different environment shows how nurture can have a big influence on people, especially twins, who have similar genetic backgrounds. It is interesting that they point towards fusion of nature and nurture. Did Gang have a definitive answer on which he personally feels is more used? As for my research that I can help add on, I used an article by Dean Simonton and his article, which stated, “Some traits, such as intelligence, can be mostly attributed to nature, whereas other traits, such as religiosity, can be mostly attributed to nurture” (Simonton, 2002). It is an interesting statement, as religion can be taught by parents for kids to follow, which is nurturing, as well as intelligence can be given at birth, but improved upon through schooling, also nurturing. In reference to Gang, is he a credibility, did Gang do more research in scholarly form on this issue or other issues? Besides that, the study done with twins is pretty solid. Personally, I can see how nature and nurture can interact with each other, but I am more on the side of nurturing. As I said in my personal post, parenting has an influence on a child, and that has to due with nurturing. If you do not mind the question, what is your view on the topic? Do you favor one side more than the other, or is it still a work in progress? Overall, excellent post, and besides my inquiries, I admire the effort put in your post, and kudos to you. I thoroughly look forward to your response and future posts.



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