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While we recognize that all theories have flaws and inconsistencies, being able to apply a theory is one of the ways that psychologists try to understand development; this is especially useful because it’s generally not possible to follow individuals from the moment of birth. For this assignment, you will be exploring the applicability of Maslow’s ideas. 

Let’s have you do as the psychologists do.

Apply the Hierarchy of Needs theory to your motivation to earn a college degree (the esteem level). How does your priority of needs influence your motivation as a student?

In discussing your priority of needs, you must address: (1 pt) what your esteem level looks like currently in regards to your pursuit of a college degree (the esteem level); (40% of your score) provide concrete examples for each of the 3 lower level needs, showing how they have been met/not met during your childhood; and (40% of your score) provide concrete examples for each of the 3 lower level needs, showing how they have (or have not) been satisfied currently; and (1 pt) discuss whether your lower level needs (past and present) have affected your ability to pursue a college degree currently (reach the esteem level).

If you “missed” a level, but somehow turned out to be a successful college student, Maslow would say that you must have gotten some of that need met somewhere in order to be the successful student you are today.  See if you can identify how that need was met in spite of your history.

If you aren’t comfortable discussing yourself, discuss a friend who is college age; s/he may or may not be attending college, but you should be able to identify an esteem level need; you must also know about this person’s lower level needs (both past and present) in order to answer the prompt effectively.

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