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Study Time Again (exam 2)! – Big 3

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To earn points for this week’s discussion, we will go back to the format we used to study for Exam 1. Hopefully you have all seen the Exam 2 Resources Module which has a practice exam and some optional creative study questions etc.

Please check out the Exam 2 Review. It is an outline of topics that may be covered on your exam and is meant to help you study. You will see that there are some suggested methods to try as a way of working with and remembering the concepts. They are a holdover from activities I’ve done with my in-person class, but they seemed to work last time in an online discussion format. You are also welcome to use your own method- such as a relevant meme or graphic.

So…. for each of your 3 posts this week (by Wed, Fri, Sun), choose one topic from the outline. State that term or concept and where it can be found in the textbook, what it means to you (in your own words!), and share a creative a way to remember it.

You are not required to ask questions of your classmates or reply to their posts (as we usually do)- but you may do so if you like. 

For up to 5 extra credit percentage points on Exam 2 you may also make one separate post to this discussion by Sun 11:59 in response to the following questions:

Which module item from Chapter 4, 6, 7, 9, 14, or 15 was most noteworthy to you (describe briefly), and why? What did you get from it, and how so? 

Happy Studies!

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