middle adulthood


Needs to be 1 – 2 pages long.


Life doesn’t always go as planned, and as a person ages into adult and middle adulthood those unexpected life changes can be significantly disruptive. As our readings described there are unexpected changes (non-normative life events) that influence our lives, but there are also the more silent changes that occur over time. These changes are cumulative and are based on our life-style.



Using sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, research some information on the leading causes of death related to life-style choices.   Explain some of the factors that may influence a person’s choice regarding their life-style. Research some ways in which an individual can improve their life-style, especially during adulthood.


Justify your answers with appropriate reasoning and research from your text and course readings.





Santrock, J. (2015). Life-Span Development. (15th  ed.).  Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: McGraw Hill Publishing Co


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