PSY/340 Week Three Neurological Structure and Function Tutorial and Worksheet ***100/100***

1.           Describe why humans have a blind spot.  






2.                Describe the functional and anatomic differences between rods and cones.








3.                Describe the trichromatic and opponent-process theories of color vision.








4                 Trace the process of interpreting auditory information from the stimulus to the interpretation.








5..                 Name and describe the major structures of the middle ear.








6.                 Describe the factors that contribute to sound localization.








7.                What is the function of the somatosensory system?









8.                Name and describe the parts of the brain involved in the chemical sense of taste.










9.                Describe the areas and major functions of the primary motor cortex.











10.                Describe Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease.

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