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For this discussion I have chosen case study 1, Panic Disorder. Joe’s Dr. went above and beyond to getting Joe to recognize how to treat panic disorder. Individual’s that are dealing with this disorder have panic attacks for unknown reasons. This disorder could be a medical issue instead of a psychological issue. This disorder should require medical and psychological testing before a diagnosis is named. Some of the symptoms are perspiration, shortness of breath, choking sensations, nausea or other abdominal upset, and dread of losing control. For an individual to be affected with Panic Disorder he or she must have been effected with at least four symptoms. One of Joe’s barriers was that he only had a ninth grade education but that fact did not stop his marriage. If there were any gender issues, these would be covered under the exo or macro levels.  If Joe’s family would get more involved with his issues or educating them on Panic disorder that would pertain to the micro level. If Joe’s employers would set up an employee meeting to help employees recognize panic disorder that would pertain to the meso level.  According to an article “counselors and psychologists have embraced, and sometimes resisted, the wide range of roles including that of advocate and activist”. (Lewis, Ratts, Paladino, & Toporek, 2011 Abstract.  According to another article “advocacy is one avenue for increasing effective communication of psychologists’ perspectives and interests that can serve to educate leaders about the value of psychology and how to best use psychological expertise”. (Hill, 2013 Abstract). Also according to an article “making psychology a true health profession, securing legislative authority to prescribe in all states, confronting and overcoming business and regulatory constraints on practice, and providing sufficient services to meet the growing diversity of the general population are discussed as examples of professional issues whose resolution will require significant advocacy efforts”. (Fox, 2008 Abstract). Mr. Fox goes on to say that “by working with partners and promoting a clear message, psychologists in organizations can present their issues to decision makers”.

In Joe’s case, according to our text “Panic disorder can also be treated by medications that lower the arousal of a person’s sympathetic nervous system”. (Gorenstein & Comer, 2015 p 10 outlined notes). In my opinion if Joe would stop and take a deep breath and try to relax when he feels a trembling or shortness of breath coming on. I would also tell him if he feels dizzy or lightheaded for him to stop and sit down and try to stay as calm as possible to those feelings bypass him.

In Joe’s case, I would advise him to try and partner up with the political leaders of his community or to the other political decision- makers within his community. In doing this he might be able to get a jump start on the issues that make him panic. Or partner up with the Pastor of his church.


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