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1. Essay title : There is some debate that still exists about the adolescent’s experience. One side of the debate suggests adolescence is a time of “considerable turmoil” whilst others argue that adolescence is “the best time of our lives”. Referring to the empirical evidence, critically evaluate both sides of the debate.
Important notes: The essay must be double line spaced with a front cover including the exact essay title and your name. You cannot change the title of the essay and you must ensure an answer/conclusion is drawn. Many students lose marks in essay assignments by (a). not answering the question and (b.) writing a three-sentence conclusion. Your conclusion should be detailed, summarise ALL of the pertinent points and provide an answer/conclusion to the question set. You must also use American Psychological Association referencing throughout and include a reference section.

2. Required 
Word count: min: 1800 words

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