In-Group, Out-Group Biases (Worth 30 points)

In-Group, Out-Group Biases (Worth 30 points)

The purpose of this discussion is apply concepts in social psychology to explain why people tend to change in certain social environments.

Learning Objectives 3d and 5c

*Please note:* This discussion forum is “post first.” In other words, you will not see the posts of your classmates until after you post. When you post, your classmates’ posts will be revealed so you can read them and compose your reply.

Step 1: This discussion will focus on a prison experiment conducted in 1971 at Stanford University.  The experimental design and the impact on the subjects during their participation remain controversial, debated, and potentially upsetting. As you ponder and discuss this experiment, please remain focused on its social psychological dynamics. Click on and read “The Stanford Prison Experiment.”

Step 2: Based on your readings, prior knowledge, and additional web research, compose a post that responds to the following: Based on this module’s readings, select at least *two* concepts in social psychology and explain how the dynamics associated with both concepts influenced the participants in the Stanford Prison Experiment. Describe the correctional system (prison or jail system) in your country-of-origin. Conduct web research to include relevant statistics. Include the link(s) from your source(s). Make at least *two* practical, realistic recommendations on ways to potentially improve the correctional system in your country-of-origin. Your recommendations must have minimal-to-no costs associated with it.  When you explain your recommendations, integrate relevant content from the assigned readings.

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