Psychology Assignment……..NO PLAGIARISM!!!!!!! WILL BE REPORTED!!!!!


Applying Psychosocial Theory to Don Ysidro.  Read through this short story about home, family, community, the after-life, love, life and death. It is located at Include the following within your paper. Summary: Give a brief summary of the story approx min 250 word count. (double space) Theory Analysis Application: A focus on the last three stages of development (middle adulthood, later adulthood, and very old age) and apply the story to the Psychosocial Theory. Think about the Psychosocial theory, its challenges and crisis and apply 2-3 aspects of the theory to the story. Approx min 350 word count. (double space)
Personal Thoughts: Your personal thoughts on the story. Approx 150 min word count (double Space) Create your response into a APA paper with cover page, reference page (the website in APA format). Use the headings listed as your APA level headings within the paper. No quotes. Grading: following directions/ format/ depth with thoughts/ theory connections/timing

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