CNL 525 GCU Career Counseling Resources Questions

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1. Find three resources (other than Indeed) that you would give to clients who need to update their resume, fill out an application that stands out, and compose a cover letter. List the resources. 

2. Look for and review different online job-search platforms. What services do they offer? What services stand out to you and why?

3. Name at least two places in your city, or one nearest you, that can help people in their job searches. These can be government agencies, disability outreaches, churches, counseling agencies, etc. Briefly describe how they can help. 

4. Briefly explain how paid professional career coaches, recruiters, and headhunters can help people get hired. 

5. Read “How to Ask for an Awesome Letter of Recommendation (and Actually Get One)” and discuss the importance of clients obtaining reference letters. 

6. Read “How to Develop Your Skill Set to Advance Your Career” and discuss ways you could help a client explore options to gain skills in finding a better job. 

7. Discuss what you know about how to help someone find a military recruiter or apply for a state or federal job. 

8. How can you help a midlife client transitioning to a new job learn more about the technological requirements of the job and the possibility of working from home (remotely)?

9. How might a retired individual need assistance in looking for an avocation, volunteer work, or part-time job?

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