PSY 6210 Capella University Molly Case Study and Depressive Disorder Analysis


The purpose of this first assignment is to give you an initial opportunity to use the DSM-5 to make a diagnosis based on information provided in a specific case. Following the guidelines for diagnosis provided in the Unit 2 Introduction, think through the information in the case to come up with a diagnostic hypothesis. Follow the format of the Case Study Response Guide in the document you submit as your assignment. The focus of this assignment is the Case Study of Molly.


  1. Read the Case Study of Molly.
  2. Using the DSM-5, follow the guidelines for diagnosis to think through how you would diagnose Molly’s condition.
  3. Once you have arrived at your diagnostic hypothesis, use the Case Study Response Guide to format your assignment, including your diagnosis in DSM-5 format.
  4. Address the following questions in Part 4 of the Case Study Response Guide:
    • What other kinds of information would you like to know about Molly?
    • For illustrative purposes, add your own additional facts to Molly’s case and describe how this additional information might alter the diagnostic hypothesis.

Submit your completed response in the assignment area as “u02a1 Case Study of Molly.”


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