SOWK 7366 Our Lady of the Lake University Election & Ballot Advocacy Discussions



To discuss and explore the effects of voting and elections on social and economic justice.


Discuss the importance of voting and election into moving forward the of social and economic justice with global ramifications.

  • Why should social workers be involved in ballot-based policy issues which could have global ramifications? Or should social workers be invovled?
  • What relevant class content / materials support your position?

Reflect on two of your peers’ responses and indicate whether you agree or disagree with their argument. Base your argument on relevant class content and materials.


For this week’s Video Discussion, complete the following:

  1. Create and submit a written script of your video discussion. You must type out your comments verbatim. The goal is to show organization of thought prior to recording your video post. Use APA style citations to reference readings discussed in your video discussion. These references can be from both the assigned readings and outside sources.
  2. Record approximately a 3-5 minute video that addresses the following:
    • Introspectively, describe how your personal culture or beliefs have impacted your social work practice.
    • Think of a time that you needed support from your field instructor in understanding and responding to a specific ethical dilemma that arose in your field education placement.
  3. After recording the video, return to your transcript to ensure that the text in your transcript matches what you actually said in your recording.

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