Walden University Evolving from Ethical Thinking to Ethical Practice Discussion


Ethical thinking involves everything you have explored in this course. It is fundamental to becoming an effective professional behavior analyst. Evolving to ethical practice doesn’t mean you leave ethical thinking behind. It means that you extend into understanding the critical aspect not just thinking about ethics, but also communicating ethics. Strong communication skills is a critical part of ethical practice. It includes learning what to communicate, whom to communicate it to, and determining how and when it is most appropriate to communicate these ethical issues.

For this Discussion, you will consider what “evolving from ethical thinking to ethical practice” means to you. You will reflect on the importance of ethical practice on your future professional work, and you will interact with your colleagues and consider their perspectives and responses on the ethical practice of behavior analysis.

To prepare:

  • Review the readings and the required media programs found in this week’s Learning Resources to develop an understanding of extending ethical thinking to ethical practice. Note: It is important for you to review all media for this week prior to completing this Discussion

Post a reflection on the statement “evolving from ethical thinking to ethical practice.” How does this statement resonate with you in your future professional work? Do you foresee any situations that may challenge you ethically in your decision making?

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