Competency Self-Assessment


As a professional psychologist, it is important for you to assess your knowledge, skills, and attitudes on each of the competencies as they pertain to your specific developmental level. As you progress through your academic training, your developmental level will continue to evolve. Your program of study is designed to help you reach competency benchmarks. These benchmarks assess your readiness to begin practicum and internship. In addition, when you have completed your program, a competency assessment determines your readiness to become an entry-level practitioner and/or apply for advanced credentialing. Self-assessment is a valuable tool to ensure you are meeting these benchmarks and are aware of your level of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Self-assessment is a common method used by psychology professionals at all developmental levels. As part of your self-assessment, you relate your readiness in terms of knowledge, skills, and attitudes to the competency Developmental Achievement Levels developed by NCSPP for further self-reflection.

The assignment: (3–4 pages)

  • Assess your current knowledge, skills, and attitudes using the competencies and essential elements outlined on page S32 of the “Competency Assessment Toolkit for Professional Psychology” article. Relate your self-assessment to developmental levels developed by NCSPP on each of the competencies.
  • Evaluate areas in which you need to improve and create a developmental plan outlining how you intend to do so.

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