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In your responses, connect with your peers about similar or different professional aspirations, commonalities in your coursework, and/or experiences working with children. Respond to the response below.

I live in Morrisville, Pennsylvania right outside of Philadelphia. I have recently moved up this way because my growing family demanded more room to stretch. I am a mother of six children. Two teenage daughters. Four young boys ranging in ages of twelve through three. My three oldest sons are on the autism spectrum and my youngest son was recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age two. I am a stay at home mom although I am never quite there. Because we have diagnoses we spend much of our time at specialty care doctor’s appointments as well as various therapies to help the children develop their fine and gross motor skills and communication skills. I imagine that Child Development is an appropriate study for me because of my intimate involvement with children with special needs.

I am interested in diving into the subject on environmental and genetic influences on brain development and cognitive functioning. I am on the fence about vaccinations and autism. Also, I have been unsure about a genetic factor playing a role in that deviation in the development of the brain of children with autism. Hopefully, this section of the course will allow me to explore these ideas more closely. In being a parent of children with disabilities, I am constantly learning new ways to keep up with their needs and I participate in parent trainings and courses that help me provide the best care and advocacy for them. I am their strongest advocate. I hope to develop a school for children with special needs, preferably autism. I have not decided yet. I also plan to create a sensory center for children with sensory needs and their families. In the future, I plan to study law in hopes to become a child advocate for parents who struggle understanding their rights and that of their children. I have found that most times parents are unaware of the resources available to them. I’d like to be a change and a blessing in this field.

Particularly, I believe that the nurturing of a child is what shapes them into the functioning people they eventually become. The fine tuning happens at birth in the way that we are handled by our caregivers. I recall my mother claiming that I feared everything unknown and foreign. I never explored my surroundings and attempted to remain still and in the same spot if I could help it. I was a very fearful child. I wonder if someone wronged me. What could have possibly caused this onset of fear at such a young age is what I ask myself. I still struggle with the outcome of this fear as an adult. My mother was not very affectionate during my childhood and I imagine if this could have affected my cognitive development. The way in which I explored my environment was very limited and withdrawn. Hugs and kisses and lots of love from the earliest days are crucial to all childhood development in my personal beliefs.

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