Identifying Personal Disorder, psychology assignment help


Read the website and then place the name of the disorder below each example. (the website is linked here:…)

  • Because John believes that the government has bugged his phone and those of all of his family members, he refuses to call anyone.
  • Rita can’t seem to have lasting relationships with anyone, male or female. She constantly questions her identity. Recently, her friend Susan noticed that Rita had cuts on her arms and Rita admitted to cutting herself and thoughts of suicide.
  • John, age 20, was recently kicked out of his house because his parents couldn’t take his total disrespect for their rules. He repeatedly told them that their rules meant nothing to him. His actions included physically forcing his younger brother out of the bathroom when he wanted to use it. When his younger brother began locking the door, John would pound on the door until he opened it or find his mother and slap her on the arm until she asked his brother to open the door.
  • Jean works in a cubicle at her office and that’s the way she likes it. She has asked her boss if she could work at home but she wasn’t allowed to do that. Most of her free time is spent at home reading or playing video games. She doesn’t go out and rarely speaks to other people.
  • Rhonda’s roommate, Samantha can’t stand the way Rhonda freaks out if anything in the room is out of place. Rhonda has all of her textbooks in order by size and within the size category by alphabetical order of author. Even with her faults, Samantha knows that Rhonda is reliable and that she can always depend on her when needed.
  • Rick loves his girlfriend Karen so much that he wants to spend all of his time with her. When it comes to making a decision about what to do on the week-ends, Rick wants Karen to make the decisions because she knows better than he what will be fun. Whenever anyone kids Rick about how he would survive without Karen, he gets highly agitated and looks like he will cry.
  • Ron spends most of his time in elaborate daydreams where his life is perfect, but he would never take steps to make it that way. He keeps to himself and when he does interact with others, it’s from a distance and with great detachment.
  • Don’s habit of checking himself out in a mirror all the time was cute at first thought his girlfriend Jamie, but now that they have been dating, she notices that he does it ALL the time. He loves that everyone thinks he is so good-looking. He gets most of the leads in all of the school’s shows because he loves being the center of attention. He gets bent out of shape if anyone else ever gets the lead in a show because he knows he is better than them.

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